Body Shop in Virginia Beach

Body Shop in Virginia Beach

Owning a car makes traveling easier. You don't have to worry about commuting when you have a vehicle to drive. However, along with the convenience of having an automobile comes the responsibility of maintaining it. To better care for your wheels, take it to an auto body shop in Virginia Beach.

When your car has been damaged from an accident and requires repairs, visit an auto body shop in Virginia Beach. No matter how serious the damage, an auto body shop in Virginia Beach will help you get your vehicle back to its best condition. Aside from that, an auto body shop in Virginia Beach can make your automobile look brand new again.

Tips on Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach

Getting repairs from an auto body shop in Virginia Beach can save you money. An auto body shop in Virginia Beach will prevent further damage to your vehicle that may cost you in the future. It’s important for you to find an auto body shop in Virginia Beach with professionals who have sufficient automotive expertise. Here are some tips to help you look for the right auto body shop in Virginia Beach:

Choose an Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach Located Near You

Bringing your vehicle to an auto body shop in Virginia Beach near your place is convenient. When an auto body shop in Virginia Beach is located a few minutes away from your house, it’s easier for you to drop off and pick up your car. Aside from that, you will also be able to better monitor the progress of your automobile’s repairs when you choose an auto body shop in Virginia Beach that’s close by.

Select an Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach With Affordable Services

Getting quality service from an auto body shop in Virginia Beach shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. For practical purposes, select an auto body shop in Virginia Beach that has qualified professionals and offers reasonable rates. To ensure the fees fall within your budget, request estimates from the technicians.

Ask Your Family and Friends for Recommendations on an Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach

Word of mouth is still one of the best advertisements a company can have. If you’re unsure about which auto body shop in Virginia Beach to choose, ask for the feedback of your family and friends on their providers. You'll see firsthand the results of the work of the auto body shop in Virginia Beach that they hired for their vehicles.

Look for an Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach With Awards

Getting awards from different organizations is a sign that an auto body shop in Virginia Beach offers excellent services. When their efforts are recognized because of customer satisfaction, you know you will be choosing the right auto body shop in Virginia Beach. You can feel at peace with the knowledge that your vehicle will be taken care of by experts.

Trust Your Instincts When Choosing an Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach

After you’ve done your research to select the right auto body shop in Virginia Beach, the next thing you can do is follow your intuition. When canvassing for an auto body shop in Virginia Beach, you will have to visit different stores and assess how they handle their customers. Your guts will let you know if you’ve found the perfect service provider.

Get Repairs From an Auto Body Shop in Virginia Beach at Mike’s Paint & Body

We at Mike’s Paint & Body offer all types of auto body repair and painting services in Virginia Beach. Our highly trained professionals use modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in our work. We are committed to ensuring your vehicle is back to its best condition when we’re finished fixing it.

For more than 20 years, we have been providing Virginia Beach with excellent customer service. Contact our staff at Mike’s Paint & Body today for more information.

Restore Your Ride’s Elegance

When you’ve gotten your new car from your dealer, you may be smitten by how attractive it looks. You’ll likely work hard to keep that appearance up for as long as you can, but being exposed to the elements of nature and constant traffic can affect your ride. One day, you’ll start noticing the scratches, water marks from the rain, bird droppings, dents, and more.

If you’re looking to having your vehicle’s beautiful look restored, it’s best to head over to a reputable auto body repair and paint shop. This is also especially vital if you need to have your car patched up after a collision. Opting for the right team will give you the peace of mind that you’ll get your desired results, no matter what kind of damage you want them to address.

The Trusted Auto Body Shop in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

Mike’s Paint & Body is here for you. Our team is highly trained and experienced in various types of auto restoration services. From chipped paint jobs to collision repair solutions, we’re the right crew to call for your needs. We have two facilities, one in Chesapeake and another in Virginia Beach, to ensure that we can extend our help to as many people as possible.

Our shops are custom-built and equipped with some of the most modern equipment and technology in the industry. These help our staff deliver high-quality results with every project or job that we undertake. Our owner, Mike Abenante, has more than 20 years of experience that he has used to guide our technicians in serving our customers the right way.

Our Services

Whether you choose to go to our original shop in Virginia Beach or our newer facility in Chesapeake, you will get the same kind of quality assistance you’re looking for. We are here to help you every step of the way to ensure that your car will be as good as new. Our team will review the appropriate solutions based on the damage you want to be addressed, and we’ll follow a strict timeline for all repairs. Our services include:

Automotive Collision Repair

Modern vehicles are designed so they can take the brunt of the damage during car crashes for the passengers' and driver’s protection. However, it can be understandably upsetting to see your beloved ride in a state of disrepair. It’s not the end of the line for your vehicle despite this incident because we’re here for you.

We provide automotive collision repair that aims to return your damaged car to its original look. We will carefully assess the extent of the wreckage, which will help us gauge the right solution for each problem. Afterward, we will give you an accurate estimate. Once we get the green light, we will restore your auto in a timely manner.

Auto Body Refinishing and Paint Solutions

Apart from our repair services, we also offer high-quality vehicle refinishing and painting solutions. Our team uses products from PPG, the world leader in superior automotive finishes. Whether you want to have dulling colors brightened up or give your ride a fresh look, we’re the right people to call!

In addition, we also have PPG Waterborne Technology paint systems that can match a car’s finish, even if its base color is solvent-borne. If you want to learn more about PPG products, you can get in touch with our team. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate your inquiries and questions!

We Are Here for You

Look no further than Mike’s Paint & Body if you need a team that can deliver excellent customer experience, quality auto body repair and paintwork, and more. We will be more than happy to welcome you to any of our two shops in Virginia, as well as accommodate your concerns. Get in touch with our team today to learn about what we offer!